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Protecting and looking after one another has never been more important. 

Our core principles are simple:

  • Succeed as a team
  • Everyday inspiration
  • Choose to care
  • Own it and do it
  • Customer is key

If you relate to these principles and are kind, caring and compassionate then we would love to hear from you.

Health and Care Support Workers

Healthcare support workers play a vital role in providing excellent care to patients across all our services. They work with many different patient groups, of all ages, including those receiving acute care, people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health conditions

Healthcare Professionals & Students

Medical Students and Student Paramedics and Nurses; will be expected to undertake our training to reach the required level before you are able to work on an event.  

Qualified HCPs will be be required to be registered with the appropriate regulatory body

Volunteering and Support Roles

Volunteers are crucial to the vision for the future of health and social care, as partners with our skilled staff, not as substitutes for them. There are many types of role in XL Health providing challenging and rewarding opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds. Some can be a one-off, others can last for months or even years!

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View our volunteer opportunities here

To register your interest please send a copy of your CV and any relevant qualifications to:

Suitable applications will then need to complete our full recruitment and onboarding process, depending on your qualification and personal circumstances you may need all or some of the following.

  • Driving licence
  • UK resident – DVLA check code (
  • Qualification certificate
  • Registered body details including expiry
  • UK resident – DBS cert that you have joined the DBS online update scheme for so we can undertake a ‘live’ check on your criminal status
  • Interview attendance (face to face or online)
  • Skills assessment (as required)
  • Onboarding & Induction E-Learning
  • Mandatory Training

We look forward to welcoming you to the team

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